Me Against Poverty Chairman Visits Project Yele Site

The Chairman of Me Against Poverty, Mr.Beresford Coker visited Yele on April 19th 2012 to meet with Laila A. Velji Director, e-Luma. The purpose of the visit is to foster collaborative efforts between Me Against Poverty and e-luma project. Laila explained that “in order to break the vicious circle of economic stagnation in Sierra Leone, new business opportunities need to be developed. The eLuma is a business concept based on local needs and entrepreneurs. In a central market hub local business owners can hire a shop with strategic electricity, financial and coaching facilities. These facilities enable growth and value creation and thereby kick-starting the local economy by selling new products, previously unavailable in the local economy”.

Project Yele was set up after summer 2007, where Project Yele went to Sierra Leone to conduct a total of five projects. Inspired by their journey and experiences Project Yele was founded.

In a cooperation with the Lion Heart Foundation (a Dutch NGO)the team designed and developed a 250 kW Hydro Electric Power Plant in Yele, which is currently being constructed. By placing a Hydro Electric Power Plant sustainable energy will be available for the next 20 years

The goal of Project Yele is that the eLuma will be maintained and managed by the local community after five years. Project Yele will initiate the building and organize the human support of the eLuma” She also highlighted the three main goals of project Yele:

Goals of Project Yele

  • Increase the success of rural electrification project across Africa by providing a blue print like eLuma to address to productive sector in rural electrification projects.
  • Enhance business opportunities for small industry and stimulate the economy in Yele.
  • Co-design the hydro electric power plant in Yele, Sierra Leone. (Achieved)

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