Me Against Poverty Inc set to award scholarship at Yonibana Secondary School

Happy and blessed New Year to all our supporters. We are very grateful to start 2016 with you and in exactly 4 days, we will be awarding scholarships to 20 students at the Yonibana Secondary School. The scholarship package per student includes:
Full tuition fee for 2016 academic year.
1 backpack
6 composition note books
Pack of sheet rule paper
Bottle of hand sanitizer.
We are very thankful that through your help and generosity, we can make a difference in the lives of these students.
This scholarship will be ongoing for these students until they complete secondary/high school. The scholarship recipients will be closely monitored and are expected to maintain an acceptable yearly academic performance for scholarship continuity.
Photos of the ceremony will be posted as it becomes available. We will like to thank Sonia Williams, who out of her personal resources flew to Sierra Leone to award the scholarship to the students.
Thank you Sonia for being there for the students. We pray for God’s protection as you travel to Yonibana and for a safe return back to the USA.
Stay tuned for updates.