Compliments of the Season

In this┬áChristmas season,Me Against Poverty is thankful for all your support and relentless generousity over the years. We are thankful that you have been a blessing to others. Let us all reflect and be thankful for what we have and don’t have. Above all, be thankful for the gift of life. This is the greatest gift of all that allows you to count your blessings and name them one by one and it will surprise what the Lord has done. As we celebrate the season, let us all remember those that continues the dialy struggle to meet their basic physiological needs.For they are not lesser than we are . Their stories can easily be our stories but for the grace of God. Therefor let us all continue to do whats right and ethical , for our ever little, it does make a difference. Remember as you strive for what’s right , there will be obstacles and naysayers to deter or discourage you. Don’t give up because there is a DAVID in you for every GOLIATH. We wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2016.