Me Against Poverty Project Coordinator Visits Yonibana

The Project Coordinator for Me Against Poverty Inc, visited Yonibana, Sierra Leone in November 2011 to meet with project stakeholders and assess the work done at the project site. She was accompanied by Mr. Ahmed Muckson Sesay from OPARDSL (MAP’s implementing partner) and Mr. Cecil Nelson, a journalist from the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation. During her trip, she toured the project site with the principals of the Yonibana Secondary School (YSS), village elders and some staff members from the school. During her observation, she noted that there had been some visible progress in the building due to the combined efforts of MAP and the local community. Local community members (including school staff and students) have joined in ownership of the project by assisting with transportation of materials, and clearing the site of unwanted trash, etc. During the meeting with the project stakeholders, the project coordinator presented $1500.00 USD (Le6, 000,000.00) as a contribution from MAP to propel the project. Of important relevance, the donation was deposited into the Yonibana Community Bank where MAP has an existing account and is being managed by our implementing partner, Ahmed Muckson. She further explained to the audience that this money was raised during MAP’s second annual fund raiser held in Maryland on June 18, 2011. She urged the school to work together with MAP and OPARDSL so that the project can be completed. In response to Miss Conteh’s remarks, the Principal of YSS, Mr. Joseph Sankoh, thanked MAP and gave assurance that the school as well as the entire Yonibana community are very grateful and will do everything possible to ensure that the project moves forward. This visit was a glimpse of just how important the diaspora community here in the U.S plays a role in impacting greater efforts to improve quality of life in war-ravaged countries such as Sierra Leone.