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Balti Tandoori Indian restaurant is located in Sterling, Virginia; offering classic Indian food along with authentic specialties served in a refined setting by professionals who love what they do. Warm spices from all over India are blended fresh daily in an extensive menu, prepared by our staff, to suit any palate. Balti means in a bucket in Urdu: It is a British-style type of Curry which was developed by South Asian immigrants to the UK. Balti involves the fast cooking of marinated meat and spices over a high flame. The cooking and serving method ensures that the flavors of all the spices are retained. Tandoor  means Clay Oven : It is traditionally used for the baking of bread, meat, poultry, and fish. The clay oven, for oil and fat-free cooking, is practical and energy-efficient. Today’s taste and health conscious consumers will find Tandoor cooking truly compatible and modern. We offer a variety of services 7 days a week: